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Will Event

Fired when a Telnet WILL OPTION command comes from the Telnet server.


typedef struct {
  int OptionCode;
} TipwTelnetWillEventParams;

typedef void __fastcall (__closure *TipwTelnetWillEvent)(System::TObject* Sender, TipwTelnetWillEventParams *e);

__property TipwTelnetWillEvent OnWill = { read=FOnWill, write=FOnWill };


For a list of option codes and their descriptions, please look at the Telnet RFCs. The following are a few examples:

0 (TRANSMIT-BINARY)Enables or disables binary (8 bit) transmission.
1 (ECHO)Telnet ECHO option. Specifies whether bytes sent should be echoed or not.
3 (SUPPRESS-GO-AHEAD)Used to enable or disable transmission of the Telnet GO_AHEAD command.
24 (TERMINAL-TYPE)Allows or disallows terminal type negotiation.
31 (NAWS)Allows or disallows window size negotiation.

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