LocalPort Property

The TCP port in the local host where the component binds.


public int LocalPort { get; set; }
Public Property LocalPort As Integer

Default Value



The LocalPort property must be set before a connection is attempted. It instructs the component to bind to a specific port (or communication endpoint) in the local machine.

Setting it to 0 (default) enables the component to choose a port at random. The chosen port will be shown by the LocalPort property after the connection is established.

LocalPort cannot be changed once a connection is made. Any attempt to set the LocalPort property when a connection is active will generate an error.

Use this property with caution. If you supply a value, it must be an available port on the system, or an error will be returned. Furthermore, the component always attempts to bind to a secure (sub 1000) port when the value of LocalPort is the default (0). If you supply your own value, make sure the remote system is configured to allow that particular value.

This property is not available at design time.

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