Command Event

Fired when a Telnet command comes from the Telnet server.


public event OnCommandHandler OnCommand;

public delegate void OnCommandHandler(object sender, TelnetCommandEventArgs e);

public class TelnetCommandEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public int CommandCode { get; }
Public Event OnCommand As OnCommandHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnCommandHandler(sender As Object, e As TelnetCommandEventArgs)

Public Class TelnetCommandEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property CommandCode As Integer
End Class


Codes for Telnet commands and their meanings are defined in the Telnet RFCs. Here are some examples:

241 (NOP)No operation.
242 (Data Mark)The data stream portion of a Synch. This should always be accompanied by a TCP Urgent notification.
243 (Break)NVT character BRK.
244 (Interrupt Process)The function IP.
245 (Abort Output)The function AO.
246 (Are You There)The function AYT.
247 (Erase Character)The function EC.
248 (Erase Line)The function EL.
249 (Go Ahead)The GA signal.

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