ResourceProperties Event

Fires for each entry returned through a property search.


public event OnResourcePropertiesHandler OnResourceProperties;

public delegate void OnResourcePropertiesHandler(object sender, WebdavResourcePropertiesEventArgs e);

public class WebdavResourcePropertiesEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public string ResourceURI { get; }
  public string ResourceProperties { get; }
Public Event OnResourceProperties As OnResourcePropertiesHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnResourcePropertiesHandler(sender As Object, e As WebdavResourcePropertiesEventArgs)

Public Class WebdavResourcePropertiesEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property ResourceURI As String
  Public ReadOnly Property ResourceProperties As String
End Class


The ResourceProperties event is fired when resource properties are received as a response to FindProperties.

The StartTransfer and EndTransfer events mark the beginning and end of the event stream.

The ResourceProperties contains the full XML containing the properties of the resource.

ResourceURI contains the name of the resource.

The parsed property names, values, and status are contained within the Properties collection.

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