Properties Property

A collection of WebDAV properties.


public DAVPropertyList Properties { get; }
Public Property Properties As DAVPropertyList


The property names provided in Properties collection are used by the FindProperties and PatchProperties methods.

After a call to FindProperties, the Properties collection will contain the name, value and status of DAV property returned by the server. The contents of the collection changes for every matching resource (ResourceProperties event). After the call completes, the collection will contain the values of the last matching resource.

When a call is made to PatchProperties, the component will use the operations provided in the Properties collection to tell the server what to do with the properties under the following scheme:

opNone (0)No operation will be performed on the property.
opSet (1)The value of Name will be set to Value.
opDelete (2)The property defined by Name will be removed from its resource.

This collection is indexed from 0 to Count - 1.

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