moveResource (method)

Moves one resource to a new location.


- (void)moveResource:(NSString*)sourceResourceURI :(NSString*)destinationResourceURI;
public func moveResource(_ sourceResourceURI: String, _ destinationResourceURI: String) throws -> Void


The MoveResource method will move the resource indicated by SourceResourceURI to a new location under the resource indicated by DestinationResourceURI.

This method is associated with the Depth property. If Depth is set to "0", the class will move only SourceResourceURI. If Depth is set to "infinity", the class will move SourceResourceURI and its entire subtree to locations relative to it.

If the user has acquired a LockResource of infinite depth on either DestinationResourceURI or any collection it is under, SourceResourceURI will be added to that lock.

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