on_stderr Event

Fired when data (complete lines) come in through stderr.


class RexecStderrEventParams(object):
  def text() -> bytes: ...
  def eol() -> bool: ...

# In class Rexec:
def on_stderr() -> Callable[[RexecStderrEventParams], None]: ...
def on_stderr(event_hook: Callable[[RexecStderrEventParams], None]) -> None: ...


The on_stderr event is fired every time the process on the remote host outputs a line in its error output. The incoming data is provided through the Text parameter.

EOL indicates whether the err_eol string was found on the end of Text or not. If the err_eol string was found then EOL is True, otherwise it is False.

When the error stream is closed by the server, a string containing only one NULL character is delivered through this event.

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