local_port Property

The TCP port in the local host where IPPort binds.


def get_local_port() -> int: ...
def set_local_port(value: int) -> None: ...

local_port = property(get_local_port, set_local_port)

Default Value



The local_port property must be set before a connection is attempted. It instructs the class to bind to a specific port (or communication endpoint) in the local machine.

Setting it to 0 (default) enables the TCP/IP stack to choose a port at random. The chosen port will be shown by the local_port property after the connection is established.

local_port cannot be changed once a connection is made. Any attempt to set the local_port property when a connection is active will generate an error.

The local_port property is useful when trying to connect to services that require a trusted port in the client side.

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