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ConnectionStatus Event

Fired to indicate changes in connection state.


typedef struct {
  String ConnectionEvent;
  int StatusCode;
  String Description;
} TipqMQTTConnectionStatusEventParams;

typedef void __fastcall (__closure *TipqMQTTConnectionStatusEvent)(System::TObject* Sender, TipqMQTTConnectionStatusEventParams *e);

__property TipqMQTTConnectionStatusEvent OnConnectionStatus = { read=FOnConnectionStatus, write=FOnConnectionStatus };


The ConnectionStatus event is fired when the connection state changes: completion of a firewall or proxy connection, completion of a security handshake, etc.

The ConnectionEvent parameter indicates the type of connection event. Values may include:

Firewall connection complete.
SSL or S/Shell handshake complete (where applicable).
Remote host connection complete.
Remote host disconnected.
SSL or S/Shell connection broken.
Firewall host disconnected.

StatusCode has the error code returned by the TCP/IP stack. Description contains a description of this code. The value of StatusCode is equal to the value of the error.

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