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MessageOut Event

Fired when an outgoing message has been sent and/or fully acknowledged.


type TMessageOutEvent = procedure (
  Sender: TObject;
  PacketId: Integer;
  const Topic: String;
  QOS: Integer;
  Message: String;
  MessageB: TBytes;
  Retained: Boolean;
  Duplicate: Boolean
) of Object;

property OnMessageOut: TMessageOutEvent read FOnMessageOut write FOnMessageOut;


The MessageOut event fires once for each outgoing message either immediately after it is sent (QoS 0), or after it has been fully acknowledged by the receiver (QoS 1 and 2).

  • PacketId: The message packet Id. This will always be -1 if QOS is 0.
  • Topic: The message's topic string.
  • QOS: The message's QoS level.
  • Message: The message data.
  • Retained: Whether or not this message was sent with the "Retain" flag set.
  • Duplicate: Whether or not this message was sent with the "Duplicate" flag set.

Refer to MessageAck for more information about QoS 1 and 2 message processing steps.

// MessageOut event handler.
mqtt1.OnMessageOut += (s, e) => {
  Console.WriteLine("Send message to topic '" + e.Topic + "' with QoS " + e.QOS + ":");

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