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restore_session Method

Restores session state data.


def restore_session(state_data: str) -> None: ...


This method restores previously-saved session state data and sets clean_session to False. If the SessionStateFile configuration setting is set, the class will use the contents of that file to restore the session state data, ignoring the string passed to this method.

Depending on the elapsed time between connections the server may discard any previously saved session data on its side.

In MQTT 3.1.1, the time after which the server discards saved session data is not defined in the protocol specification and may vary between implementations. As a result, when re-connecting it may not be known if the server is capable of restoring a previous session.

To determine if a session can be restored on connection, set clean_session to False, client_id to the same value used in the initial connection, and call connect.

When the on_connected event fires, query the SessionPresent configuration setting. If SessionPresent is True the session should be restored by calling on_restore_session. If SessionPresent is False the session should not be restored so that the connection proceeds as a clean session.

Note: Not all servers support the use of SessionPresent.

Restore Session Example (Query SessionPresent)

mqtt1.CleanSession = false;
mqtt1.ClientId = clientId;
mqtt1.OnConnected += (s, e) => {
  if (mqtt1.Config("SessionPresent").ToLower() == "true")

If it is known that the server has not discarded the session state, for instance from familiarity with the server implementation and its behavior, then a simplified procedure can be performed. Simply set client_id to the value used in the initial connection, call on_restore_session, and then call connect.

Restore Session Example (Server Status Known)

mqtt1.ClientId = clientId;

Refer to clean_session and save_session for more information.

MQTT 5 Notes

In MQTT 5, the time after which the server discards saved session data is controlled by the SessionExpInterval. The server is required to store state data for the amount of time specified by this value, at which point it is required to delete it.

This feature allows the client to use its own time-based logic to determine whether it is necessary to call on_restore_session.

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