ObjectMarker Property

A marker indicating what page of objects to return next.


ANSI (Cross Platform)
char* GetObjectMarker();
int SetObjectMarker(const char* lpszObjectMarker); Unicode (Windows) LPWSTR GetObjectMarker();
INT SetObjectMarker(LPCWSTR lpszObjectMarker);
@property (nonatomic,readwrite,assign,getter=objectMarker,setter=setObjectMarker:) NSString* objectMarker;
- (NSString*)objectMarker;
- (void)setObjectMarker:(NSString*)newObjectMarker;

IPWORKSS3_EXTERNAL void* IPWORKSS3_CALL IPWorksS3_S3Client_Get(void *lpObj, int propid, int arridx, int *lpcbVal, int64 *lpllVal);
IPWORKSS3_EXTERNAL int IPWORKSS3_CALL IPWorksS3_S3Client_Set(void *lpObj, int propid, int arridx, const void *val, int cbVal);

Default Value



This property will be populated when ListObjects is called if the results are paged and there are more pages. To list all objects, continue to call ListObjects until this property returns empty string.

Refer to ListObjects for more information.

Note: This property is cleared anytime ServiceProvider changes; marker values are only valid when used with the provider that generated them.

This property is not available at design time.

Data Type


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