ObjectPrefix Property

A prefix used to restrict the results returned when listing objects.


ANSI (Cross Platform)
char* GetObjectPrefix();
int SetObjectPrefix(const char* lpszObjectPrefix); Unicode (Windows) LPWSTR GetObjectPrefix();
INT SetObjectPrefix(LPCWSTR lpszObjectPrefix);
@property (nonatomic,readwrite,assign,getter=objectPrefix,setter=setObjectPrefix:) NSString* objectPrefix;
- (NSString*)objectPrefix;
- (void)setObjectPrefix:(NSString*)newObjectPrefix;

IPWORKSS3_EXTERNAL void* IPWORKSS3_CALL IPWorksS3_S3Client_Get(void *lpObj, int propid, int arridx, int *lpcbVal, int64 *lpllVal);
IPWORKSS3_EXTERNAL int IPWORKSS3_CALL IPWorksS3_S3Client_Set(void *lpObj, int propid, int arridx, const void *val, int cbVal);

Default Value



This property, if non-empty, is used to restrict the results returned by ListObjects (or ListVersions) to only the objects (or object versions) whose names begin with the given value.

Object Hierarchy Traversal

By using the ObjectDelimiter and ObjectPrefix properties in tandem, applications can effectively "traverse" a virtual hierarchy of objects (or object versions) as if it were a filesystem. For example, assume that objects with the following names exist within a bucket:

  • MyCompany/
  • MyCompany/Department1/
  • MyCompany/Department2/
  • MyCompany/Department2/EmployeeA
  • MyCompany/Department2/EmployeeB

With ObjectDelimiter set to /, we can set ObjectPrefix to successively "deeper" values before calling ListObjects or ListVersions for the following effect:

ObjectPrefix Value ObjectDelimiter Value Objects Returned Prefixes Returned
(empty) /(none) MyCompany/
MyCompany/ /MyCompany/ MyCompany/Department1/
MyCompany/Department2/ /MyCompany/Department2/

This property is not available at design time.

Data Type


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