MetadataList Event

Fires once for each metadata item returned when object information and metadata is retrieved.


public event OnMetadataListHandler OnMetadataList;

public delegate void OnMetadataListHandler(object sender, S3clientMetadataListEventArgs e);

public class S3clientMetadataListEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public string Name { get; }
  public string Value { get; }
Public Event OnMetadataList As OnMetadataListHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnMetadataListHandler(sender As Object, e As S3clientMetadataListEventArgs)

Public Class S3clientMetadataListEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property Name As String
  Public ReadOnly Property Value As String
End Class


This event fires once for each metadata item returned when GetObjectInfo is called.

Name is the name of the metadata item, without the service-specific prefix (e.g., x-amz-meta-, x-goog-meta-, etc.). Keep in mind that the server stores metadata names in lowercase.

Value is the metadata item's value.

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