FollowRedirects Property

Determines what happens when the server issues a redirect.


 getFollowRedirects(): S3clientFollowRedirects;

 setFollowRedirects(followRedirects: S3clientFollowRedirects): void;

enum S3clientFollowRedirects { frNever, frAlways, frSameScheme }

Default Value



This property specifies how the class should behave when the server returns a redirect response (e.g. "Object Moved"). Valid values are:

frNever (0) (default) Redirects are never followed; the class fails with an error instead.
frAlways (1) Redirects are always followed.
frSameScheme (2) Redirects are followed if the new URL has the same scheme as the originally requested URL; otherwise, the class fails with an error.

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