copyPart (method)

Copies the specified object as a part of a multipart upload.


- (void)copyPart:(NSString*)srcObjectName :(NSString*)destBucket :(NSString*)destObjectName :(int)destPartNumber :(NSString*)destUploadId;
public func copyPart(_ srcObjectName: String, _ destBucket: String, _ destObjectName: String, _ destPartNumber: Int32, _ destUploadId: String) throws -> Void


This method copies data from the object specified by SrcObjectName (in the bucket currently selected by Bucket) to a new multipart upload part for DestObjectName in DestBucket.

The DestPartNumber and DestUploadId parameters should be used in the same manner as the UploadPart method's PartNumber and UploadId parameters.

To copy a specific range of bytes from the source object, set the CopyPartRange configuration setting before calling this method.

Note: This method is not supported when ServiceProvider is spGoogleStorage (2); Google Cloud Storage does not support multipart uploads.

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