accessPolicy (property)

The canned access policy to apply to a bucket or object.


@property (nonatomic,readwrite,assign,getter=accessPolicy,setter=setAccessPolicy:) int accessPolicy;
- (int)accessPolicy;
- (void)setAccessPolicy:(int)newAccessPolicy;

/* Possible Values */
public var accessPolicy: S3clientAccessPolicies {
  get {...}
set {...} }
public enum S3clientAccessPolicies : Int32 { case ptPrivate = 0 case ptPublicRead = 1 case ptPublicReadWrite = 2 case ptAuthenticatedRead = 3 case ptBucketOwnerRead = 4 case ptBucketOwnerFullControl = 5 case ptNone = 6 }

Default Value



This property specifies the canned access policy that should be applied to a bucket or object when one of the following methods is called:

Valid values are:

ptPrivate (0) (default) Owner gets full control, no one else has access.
ptPublicRead (1) Owner gets full control, everyone else gets read access.
ptPublicReadWrite (2) Owner gets full control, everyone else gets read/write access.
ptAuthenticatedRead (3) Owner gets full control, authenticated users get read access.
ptBucketOwnerRead (4) Only applicable for objects. Object owner gets full control, bucket owner gets read access.
ptBucketOwnerFullControl (5) Only applicable for objects. Both object and bucket owner get full control.
ptNone (6) (Instructs the class to not explicitly set a canned access policy for a bucket or object.)

Note: Most S3-compatible service providers support all of the canned access policies listed above, but some do not, or have additional restrictions. Refer to a provider's documentation for more information.

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