metadataName (property)

The name of the metadata item.


- (NSString*)metadataName:(int)metadataIndex;
- (void)setMetadataName:(int)metadataIndex:(NSString*)newMetadataName;
public func metadataName(metadataIndex: Int32) throws -> String
public func setMetadataName(metadataIndex: Int32, newMetadataName: String) throws -> Void

Default Value



The name of the metadata item.

This property specifies the name of the metadata item. Keep in mind that the server stores metadata names in lowercase.

Note that the class will automatically prepend the service-appropriate prefix (e.g., x-amz-meta-, x-goog-meta-, etc.) to this value when submitting metadata items to the server; and will automatically strip that prefix from this value when this property is populated.

The MetadataIndex parameter specifies the index of the item in the array. The size of the array is controlled by the MetadataCount property.

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