versioningEnabled (property)

Controls whether versioning is enabled for the currently selected bucket.


@property (nonatomic,readwrite,assign,getter=versioningEnabled,setter=setVersioningEnabled:) BOOL versioningEnabled;
- (BOOL)versioningEnabled;
- (void)setVersioningEnabled:(BOOL)newVersioningEnabled;
public var versioningEnabled: Bool {
  get {...}
set {...} }

Default Value



This property can be used to query and control whether the bucket currently selected by Bucket has versioning enabled.

Note that if Bucket is empty, or refers to a bucket that does not exist, this property will always return false when queried, and any attempts to set it will fail. This behavior also occurs if the currently-selected service provider does not support versioning at all.

Refer to Amazon's Versioning documentation for more information about versioning.

Note: When ServiceProvider is spBackblazeB2 (4), this property will always return true (assuming Bucket is non-empty), and any attempt to change it will fail; Backblaze B2 buckets are always versioned.

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