IPWorks S3 2020 Node.js Edition

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Licensing Instructions

Standard (Royalty-Free) Licensing - Linux/macOS

Web-Based Activation (Recommended)

To activate a full version license visit this URL: http://lic.nsoftware.com/lic/?prod=IUJFS&grtk=true

You will be prompted to enter your Product Key, and a RuntimeLicense value will be generated.

In your code, assign the value to the RuntimeLicense property of the component. For instance:

component.setRuntimeLicense("Value From Website");

This provides a license to the component and your application will run without a license prompt on any machine to which it is distributed. Note that each component instance in your code must be assigned a RuntimeLicense value.

Command Line Activation

Alternatively, the install-license application included in the installation may be used. The application is present at node_modules/install-license/linux/. For instance:

./install-license <key>

After activating the full version license obtain the RuntimeLicense from code. For instance:


After obtaining the RuntimeLicense value assign this to the RuntimeLicense property as described above to license the application for deployment.

Trial Licensing - Linux/macOS

To activate a trial license navigate to the node_modules directory of the installation. You will see an executable "install-license" at the path node_modules/install-license/linux/. Activate a trial license by running the executable:


The trial license will be downloaded and stored in the .nsoftware folder of the user's home directory (i.e. "~/.nsoftware").

The components may then be used on the machine for 30 days.

Royalty-Free Licensing - Windows

The IPWorks S3 components use a property named RuntimeLicense for runtime license checking. To obtain the RuntimeLicense after installation it can be output from a temporary project.

From a temporary project output the value of the RuntimeLicense property. For instance:


Then in your code set the RuntimeLicense to the value from above:

component.setRuntimeLicense("<value from above>");

Note: The same RuntimeLicense property value works for all components included in this edition.

Trial Licensing - Windows

Installing the trial version package allows the components to be used on the machine for 30 days. No additional steps are required to activate a trial license.

License Transfer

If you would like to transfer your license to another system, please complete our license transfer form. This will ensure your installations are not mistaken for license violations.

For additional information about our product activation process, please refer to our product activation FAQ.

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IPWorks S3 2020 Node.js Edition - Version 20.0 [Build 7722]