ListParts Method

Lists the parts in a multipart upload.

Object Oriented Interface

public function doListParts($objectname, $uploadid);

Procedural Interface

ipworkss3_s3client_do_listparts($res, $objectname, $uploadid);


This method lists the parts in the multipart upload of ObjectName specified by UploadId. The MaxParts configuration setting may be used to limit the number of results returned.

Calling this method will fire the PartList event once for each part, and will also populate the Parts* properties.

If there are still more parts available to list when this method returns, the PartMarker property will be populated. Continue to call this method until PartMarker is empty to accumulate all pages of results in the Parts* properties.

Note that this method does not need to be called before attempting to complete a multipart upload with CompleteMultipartUpload; the class will automatically collect the necessary information internally. Refer to CompleteMultipartUpload for more information.

Note: This method is not supported when ServiceProvider is spGoogleStorage (2); Google Cloud Storage does not support multipart uploads.

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