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region Property

The region the class will make requests against.


def get_region() -> str: ...
def set_region(value: str) -> None: ...

region = property(get_region, set_region)

Default Value



This property controls which region the class will make requests against; it should be changed to create or access resources in other regions.

Each service provider has a different default region, and the class will automatically set this property to the selected service provider's default region anytime service_provider changes. The custom service provider's "default region" is empty string (i.e., setting service_provider to spCustom (255) will clear this property).

Note: When the custom service provider is selected, the class uses the base URL specified by the URL configuration setting to generate request URLs. If the base URL contains a %region% token, the class will replace it with this property's value anytime it generates a request URL. Refer to the URL setting's documentation for more information.

Amazon S3 Regions

Value Region
us-east-1 (Default) US East (N. Virginia)
us-east-2 US East (Ohio)
us-west-1 US West (N. California)
us-west-2 US West (Oregon)
ap-east-1 Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)
ap-northeast-1 Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
ap-northeast-2 Asia Pacific (Seoul)
ap-northeast-3 Asia Pacific (Osaka-Local)
ap-south-1 Asia Pacific (Mumbai)
ap-southeast-1 Asia Pacific (Singapore)
ap-southeast-2 Asia Pacific (Sydney)
ca-central-1 Canada (Central)
cn-north-1 China (Beijing)
cn-northwest-1 China (Ningxia)
eu-central-1 Europe (Frankfurt)
eu-north-1 Europe (Stockholm)
eu-south-1 Europe (Milan)
eu-west-1 Europe (Ireland)
eu-west-2 Europe (London)
eu-west-3 Europe (Paris)
me-south-1 Middle East (Bahrain)
sa-east-1 South America (Sao Paulo)

Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Regions

Value Region
oss-ap-northeast-1 Japan (Tokyo)
oss-ap-south-1 India (Mumbai)
oss-ap-southeast-1 Singapore
oss-ap-southeast-2 Australia (Sydney)
oss-ap-southeast-3 Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
oss-ap-southeast-5 Indonesia (Jakarta)
oss-cn-beijing (default) China (Beijing)
oss-cn-chengdu China (Chengdu)
oss-cn-hangzhou China (Hangzhou)
oss-cn-heyuan China (Heyuan)
oss-cn-hongkong China (Hong Kong)
oss-cn-huhehaote China (Hohhot)
oss-cn-qingdao China (Qingdao)
oss-cn-shanghai China (Shanghai)
oss-cn-shenzhen China (Shenzhen)
oss-cn-zhangjiakou China (Zhangjiakou)
oss-eu-central-1 Germany (Frankfurt)
oss-eu-west-1 UK (London)
oss-me-east-1 UAE (Dubai)
oss-us-east-1 US (Virginia)
oss-us-west-1 US (Silicon Valley)

Backblaze B2 Regions

All BackblazeB2 region strings take the form us-west-###, where ### is a 3-digit number. By default, the class uses us-west-000.

To determine the exact region string, log into the Backblaze B2 web console and refer to the "S3 Endpoint" value which corresponds to the application keypair that will be used for authentication; this endpoint value will include the region string.

Note: The master application key for a Backblaze B2 account cannot be used with Backblaze's S3-compatible API; create a non-master application key if necessary.

Digital Ocean Spaces Regions

Value Region
ams2 Amsterdam 2
ams3 Amsterdam 3
blr1 Bangalore 1
fra1 Frankfurt 1
lon1 London 1
nyc1 New York 1
nyc2 New York 2
nyc3 (Default) New York 3
sfo1 San Francisco 1
sfo2 San Francisco 2
sgp1 Singapore 1
tor1 Toronto 1

Google Cloud Storage Regions

Value Region
us* (Default) Multiple US data centers
us-central1 US Central (Iowa)
us-east1 US East (South Carolina)
us-east4 US East (Northern Virginia)
us-west1 US West (Oregon)
us-west2 US West (Los Angeles)
asia* Multiple Asia data centers
asia-east1 Asia East (Taiwan)
asia-east2 Asia East (Hong Kong)
asia-northeast1 Asia Northeast (Tokyo)
asia-south1 Asia South (Mumbai)
asia-southeast1 Asia Southeast (Singapore)
australia-southeast1 Australia Southeast (Sydney)
eu* Multiple EU data centers
europe-north1 Europe North (Finland)
europe-west1 Europe West (Belgium)
europe-west2 Europe West (London)
europe-west3 Europe West (Frankfurt)
europe-west4 Europe West (Netherlands)
northamerica-northeast1 Canada (Montreal)
southamerica-east1 Brazil (Sao Paulo)

(* denotes a multi-regional location)

Huawei Cloud Object Storage Regions

Value Region
af-south-1 Johannesburg
ap-southeast-1 Hong Kong
ap-southeast-2 Bangkok
ap-southeast-3 Singapore
cn-east-2 Shanghai
cn-east-3 Shanghai
cn-north-1 (default) Beijing
cn-north-4 Beijing
cn-south-1 Guangzhou
la-south-2 Santiago
na-mexico-1 Mexico City
sa-argentina-1 Buenos Aires
sa-brazil-1 Sao Paulo
sa-chile-1 Santiago
sa-peru-1 Lima

IBM Cloud Object Storage Regions

Value Region
us (default) US Cross Region
dal.us US Cross Region (Dallas Access Point)
sjc.us US Cross Region (San Jose Access Point)
wdc.us US Cross Region (Washington DC Access Point)
eu EU Cross Region
ams.eu EU Cross Region (Amsterdam Access Point)
fra.eu EU Cross Region (Frankfurt Access Point)
mil.eu EU Cross Region (Milan Access Point)
ap Asia Pacific Cross Region
hkg.ap Asia Pacific Cross Region (Hong Kong Access Point)
seo.ap Asia Pacific Cross Region (Seoul Access Point)
tok.ap Asia Pacific Cross Region (Tokyo Access Point)
au-syd Australia (Sydney)
eu-de EU (Germany)
eu-gb EU (United Kingdom)
jp-tok Japan (Tokyo)
us-east US (East)
us-south US (South)
ams03 Netherlands (Amsterdam)
che01 India (Chennai)
hkg02 Hong Kong
mel01 Australia (Melbourne)
mex01 Mexico (Mexico City)
mil01 Italy (Milan)
mon01 Canada (Montreal)
osl01 Norway (Oslo)
par01 France (Paris)
sao01 Brazil (Sao Paulo)
seo01 South Korea (Seoul)
sjc04 US (San Jose)
sng01 Singapore
tor01 Canada (Toronto)

Note that private. or direct. may optionally be prepended to any of the values above; refer to IBM Cloud's Object Storage documentation for information on regions and endpoints.

Linode Object Storage Regions

Value Region
us-east-1 (default) US East (Newark)
eu-central-1 EU Central (Frankfurt)

Important: Each "region" supported by Linode's Object Storage service is actually a completely standalone storage cluster. These clusters do not interact with each other in any way, which causes the following non-standard behaviors:

  • Bucket names may be reused in each region (however, they must still be "globally" unique within each region).
  • The list_buckets method will only return buckets located in the currently-selected region; there is no way to retrieve a list of all regions' buckets.
  • Similarly, the bucket_exists and get_bucket_location methods only consider buckets located in the currently-selected region.
  • The copy_object method cannot be used to copy objects to a bucket in another region.

Oracle Cloud Object Storage Regions

Value Region
Commercial Cloud Regions
ap-hyderabad-1 India South (Hyderabad)
ap-melbourne-1 Australia Southeast (Melbourne)
ap-mumbai-1 India West (Mumbai)
ap-osaka-1 Japan Central (Osaka)
ap-seoul-1 South Korea Central (Seoul)
ap-sydney-1 Australia East (Sydney)
ap-tokyo-1 Japan East (Tokyo)
ca-montreal-1 Canada Southeast (Montreal)
ca-toronto-1 Canada Southeast (Toronto)
eu-amsterdam-1 Netherlands Northwest (Amsterdam)
eu-frankfurt-1 Germany Central (Frankfurt)
eu-zurich-1 Switzerland North (Zurich)
me-jeddah-1 Saudi Arabia West (Jeddah)
sa-saopaulo-1 Brazil East (Sao Paulo)
uk-london-1 UK South (London)
us-ashburn-1 (default) US East (Ashburn, VA)
us-phoenix-1 US West (Phoenix, AZ)
US Gov FedRAMP High Regions
us-langley-1 US Gov East (Ashburn, VA)
us-luke-1 US Gov West (Phoenix, AZ)
US Gov DISA IL5 Regions
us-gov-ashburn-1 US DoD East (Ashburn, VA)
us-gov-chicago-1 US DoD North (Chicago, IL)
us-gov-phoenix-1 US DoD West (Phoenix, AZ)

Wasabi Regions

Value Region
eu-central-1 Europe (Amsterdam)
us-east-1 (Default) US East (Ashburn, VA)
us-east-2 US East (Manassas, VA)
us-west-1 US West (Hillsboro, OR)

The class will always convert this property's value to lowercase. If this property is cleared, the class will reset it to the default value for the currently-selected service_provider.

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