FragmentComplete Event

Fires after each part in an automatic multipart upload is complete.


class S3ClientFragmentCompleteEventParams {
  int FragmentNumber();
  int FragmentCount();
  bool Interrupt();
  void SetInterrupt(bool bInterrupt);
  int EventRetVal();
  void SetEventRetVal(int iRetVal);
// To handle, connect one or more slots to this signal. void FragmentComplete(S3ClientFragmentCompleteEventParams *e);
// Or, subclass S3Client and override this emitter function. virtual int FireFragmentComplete(S3ClientFragmentCompleteEventParams *e) {...}


If, when CreateObject is called, more than SimpleUploadLimit bytes of upload data are present, the class will automatically split the upload data up into parts and perform a multipart upload. During the overall upload process, this event will fire after each part is uploaded, providing an indication of overall upload progress.

FragmentNumber is the number of the current part that has completed. This value starts at 1.

FragmentCount is the total number of parts that will be uploaded.

Interrupt can be set to true to interrupt the upload. The upload may be resumed later.

Refer to CreateObject for more information.

Note: This event is not applicable when ServiceProvider is spGoogleStorage (2); Google Cloud Storage does not support multipart uploads.

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