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CertList Event

Lists the certificates in a store (see the ListStoreCertificates method).


type TCertListEvent = procedure (
  Sender: TObject;
  CertEncoded: String;
  CertEncodedB: TBytes;
  const CertSubject: String;
  const CertIssuer: String;
  const CertSerialNumber: String;
  HasPrivateKey: Boolean
) of Object;

property OnCertList: TCertListEvent read FOnCertList write FOnCertList;


The CertSubject and CertIssuer parameters contain distinguished names of the certificate owner and issuer respectively. The HasPrivateKey flag shows whether the private key for the certificate is available in the system.

The StoreList event and the ListCertificateStores and ListMachineStores methods are used to list the certificate stores in the system.

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