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DataIn Event

Fired when data is received.


type TDataInEvent = procedure (
  Sender: TObject;
  ConnectionId: Integer;
  DataFormat: Integer;
  Text: String;
  TextB: TBytes;
  EOM: Boolean
) of Object;

property OnDataIn: TDataInEvent read FOnDataIn write FOnDataIn;


The DataIn event provides the data received from the client identified by the ConnectionId parameter.

The incoming data is provided through the Text parameter.

The DataFormat parameter identifies the encoding (if any) of the data. Possible value are:

1 The data is UTF-8 encoded.
2 The data is binary and has no encoding.
10 The data is a pong packet.

The EOM parameter stands for End Of Message. By default the component will fire the DataIn event as data is received. Larger messages will be fragmented and will cause the event to fire multiple times. When EOM is true within the event this indicates the current fragment is also the final fragment of the message. The component may also be configured to buffer the message internally until the complete message is received. To enable this set BufferMessage to true.

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