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SendCustomRequest Method

Sends a custom request to the server.


public void sendCustomRequest(String httpMethod, String path);


This method can be used to send arbitrary requests to the server.

Valid values for HttpMethod are:

  • GET (default if empty)
  • HEAD
  • POST
  • PUT

Path is optional, and if non-empty must be specified without a leading forward slash (/).

When this method is called, the component does the following:

  1. Builds a request URL, including query parameters, based on the following:
    • The base URL https://{Vault}, where {Vault} is Vault.
    • The specified Path, if any.
    • An api-version query parameter whose value is APIVersion.
    • All query parameters from QueryParams.
  2. Adds an Authorization header with the value specified by Authorization.
  3. Adds any request headers from OtherHeaders.
  4. Adds any request body supplied via the stream specified using SetInputStream, the specified InputFile, or InputData.
  5. Sends the request to the server.
  6. Stores the response headers in the ParsedHeaders collection; and the response body in the stream specified using SetOutputStream, the specified OutputFile, or OutputData.

If the response body is JSON data, the XPath, XText, and other X* configuration settings can then be used to navigate and extract information from it.

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