Cloud Keys 2020 Android Edition

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UpdateKey Method

Updates a key's information.


public void updateKey(String keyName, String keyOps, boolean updateTags);


This method updates the information for the key specified by KeyName. The VersionId configuration setting can be used to target a specific key version.

The KeyOps parameter, if non-empty, must be a comma-separated list of operations that the key is valid for. If empty, the key's current operations list remains unchanged. Possible values are as follows; operations should be specified in pairs:

  • encrypt
  • decrypt
  • sign
  • verify
  • wrapKey
  • unwrapKey
(Note that EC keys can only be used for signing and verification.)

The UpdateTags parameter determines whether the component replaces the key's current tags with the items in the Tags collection (which may be empty). Keys may have up to 15 tags.

The ExpiryDate and NotBeforeDate configuration settings may also be used to send additional values, refer to their documentation for more information.

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