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SendCustomRequest Method

Sends a custom request to the server.


public void sendCustomRequest(String httpMethod, String secretName, String versionId, String action, String body);


This method can be used to send arbitrary requests to the server.

Valid values for HttpMethod are:

  • GET (default if empty)
  • HEAD
  • POST
  • PUT

SecretName, VersionId, Action, and Body are optional. If SecretName is empty, VersionId will be ignored.

When this method is called, the component does the following:

  1. Builds a request URL, including query parameters, like{GoogleProjectId}[/secrets/{SecretName}[/versions/{VersionId}]][{Action}] using:
  2. Adds an Authorization header with the value specified by Authorization.
  3. Adds any request headers from OtherHeaders.
  4. Adds the specified request Body, if non-empty.
  5. Sends the request to the server.
  6. Stores the response headers in the ParsedHeaders collection; and the response body in the stream specified using SetOutputStream, the specified LocalFile, or SecretData.

If the response body is JSON data, the XPath, XText, and other X* configuration settings can then be used to navigate and extract information from it.

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