CreateVersion Method

Creates a new secret version.


public func createVersion(secretId: String, stagingLabels: String) throws -> String


This method creates a new version of the secret specified by SecretId. The secret data is taken from the specified LocalFile or the SecretData or SecretString property; it may be up to 65536 bytes in length. The Id of the newly-created secret version is returned.

The value passed for SecretId must the ARN or name of a secret in the current account and Region.

The value passed for StagingLabels must be a comma-separated list of staging labels to attach to the new version; up to 20 staging labels can be attached to a secret version. If empty string is passed, AWSCURRENT is assumed. The server may do the following things depending on which staging labels are specified:

  • If any of the specified staging labels are currently attached to other versions of this secret, they are moved from those versions to the new one.
  • If the AWSCURRENT staging label is attached to the new version, the server will automatically move the AWSPREVIOUS staging label to the version that AWSCURRENT was previously attached to.

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