MoveStagingLabel Method

Adds, removes, or moves a staging label.


public func moveStagingLabel(secretId: String, stagingLabel: String, fromVersionId: String, toVersionId: String) throws -> Void


This method adds, removes, or moves a staging label between versions of the secret specified by SecretId.

The value passed for SecretId must the ARN or name of a secret in the current account and Region.

The StagingLabel parameter specifies the staging label that should be added, removed, or moved. If the staging label is AWSCURRENT, it cannot be removed, only moved, and the server will automatically move the AWSPREVIOUS staging label to the secret version specified by FromVersionId.

The FromVersionId and ToVersionId parameters specify which version(s) to operate against. When adding a new staging label to a secret version, only ToVersionId must be specified. When removing a staging label from a version, only FromVersionId must be specified. When moving an existing staging label from one version to another, both FromVersionId and ToVersionId must be specified.

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