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CreateAlias Method

Creates a new alias.


amazonkms.createAlias(name, keyId, [callback])


The 'callback' parameter specifies a function which will be called when the operation completes (or an error is encountered). If the 'callback' parameter is not specified, then the method will block and will not return until the operation completes (or an error is encountered).

The callback for this method is defined as:

function(err){ }

'err' is the error that occurred. If there was no error, then 'err' is 'null'.

'err' has 2 properties which hold detailed information:



This method creates a new alias with the given Name and associates it with the CMK specified by KeyId.

The value passed for Name must begin with alias/, and must consist solely of alphanumeric characters, forward slashes /, underscores _, and hyphens -. The final name must not begin with alias/aws/, which is a reserved prefix.

The value passed for the KeyId parameter must be the Id or ARN of a CMK in the current account and Region.

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