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SecretList Event

Fires once for each secret when listing secrets.


googlesecrets.on('SecretList', [callback])


The 'callback' is called when the 'SecretList' event is emited.

function(e){ }

The argument 'e' has the following properties:


This event fires once for each secret or secret version returned when GetSecretInfo, ListSecrets, GetVersionInfo, or ListVersions is called. Note that for secrets, only the Name and CreationDate parameters will be populated.

Name reflects the name of the secret.

VersionId reflects the Id of the secret version.

State reflects the state of the secret version.

CreationDate reflects the creation date of the secret or secret version, formatted as an RFC 3339 UTC timestamp.

DestructionDate reflects the destruction date of the secret version, formatted as an RFC 3339 UTC timestamp, or empty if the secret version has not been destroyed.

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