Cloud Keys 2020 Python Edition

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get_key_rotation_status Method

Retrieves the key rotation status for a CMK.


def get_key_rotation_status(key_id: str) -> bool: ...


This method retrieves the key rotation status for the CMK specified by KeyId; it will return True if the CMK's key material is set to be automatically rotated, or False if not.

The value passed for the KeyId parameter must be the Id or ARN of a CMK in the current region. If an ARN is provided, it can be for a CMK in another account so long as the appropriate permissions are in place.

This method will always return False for asymmetric CMKs, CMKs with imported key material, and CMKs that reside in a custom key store, as such CMKs do not support automatic key rotation. This method will also return False if the server returns an error for any other reason.

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