Cloud Keys 2020 Python Edition

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include_key_details Property

Whether to attempt to retrieve fill details when listing keys.


def get_include_key_details() -> bool: ...
def set_include_key_details(value: bool) -> None: ...

include_key_details = property(get_include_key_details, set_include_key_details)

Default Value



This property specifies whether the class should make additional requests when list_keys or list_versions is called in order to retrieve full information for each key. By default, Azure will omit certain fields when one of those methods is called (refer to each one's documentation for more information).

If this property is enabled, then after the initial listing is returned, the class will call get_key_info internally for each key returned. For all keys for which this call is successful, the additional information will be used to populate the Key* properties. Any keys for which the get_key_info call fails will not have the additional properties populated.

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