Cloud Keys 2020 Python Edition

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authorization_code Property

The authorization code that is exchanged for an access token.


def get_authorization_code() -> str: ...
def set_authorization_code(value: str) -> None: ...

authorization_code = property(get_authorization_code, set_authorization_code)

Default Value



When client_profile is set to cfWebServer (WebServer flow) the authorization server will return a code when the user is re-directed from the authorization server back to your website. This code is returned as a query string parameter and the class will automatically populate this property with that value.

Normally this property will only be informational, as the get_authorization method will automatically exchange this code for a token with the authorization server specified in server_token_url.

If this property is set before calling get_authorization the class will attempt to exchange the code with the authorization server for an access token.

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