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AuthMechanism Property

The authentication mechanism to be used when connecting to the mail server.


public int getAuthMechanism();
public void setAuthMechanism(int authMechanism);

Enumerated values: public final static int amUserPassword = 0; public final static int amCRAMMD5 = 1; public final static int amNTLM = 2; public final static int amSASLPlain = 4; public final static int amSASLDigestMD5 = 5; public final static int amKerberos = 6; public final static int amSASLXOAuth2 = 7;


By default, AuthMechanism is amUserPassword (0), and default plaintext authentication is used to login to the server.

If AuthMechanism is set to amSASLXOAuth2 (7), an OAUTH authorization string is used to authenticate. The Authorization property must be set to a valid authorization string.

At the time of this writing no other authentication mechanisms are supported by Google.

Default Value


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