Select Property

The parts of a message that should be retrieved.


public var select: String {
get {...}
set {...} }

Default Value



This property can be used to select specific message properties to retrieve when calling ListMessages or FetchMessage. Specify the message properties to be selected as a comma separated list.

This property is an empty string all message properties will be selected.

Possible properties to be selected are:

bccRecipientsThe bcc'd recipients of the message.
bodyThe message body type and content.
bodyPreviewA preview of the message body containing the first few lines of text.
categoriesThe mail categories that this message falls under.
ccRecipientsThe cc'd recipients of this message.
conversationIdThe ID of the conversation this message is a part of.
createdDateTimeThe date and time when this message was created.
flagThe flag status of the message.
fromThe address the message is from.
hasAttachmentsA boolean for if the message has attachments.
importanceThe importance level of the message.
inferenceClassificationThe inference classification of this message (e.g. focused, other).
internetMessageHeadersThe message headers for the message according to rfc 5322.
isDeliveryReceiptRequestedA boolean for if a delivery receipt was requested.
isDraftA boolean for if the message is a draft.
isReadA boolean for if the message has been read.
isReadReceiptRequestedA boolean for if a read receipt was requested.
lastModifiedDateTimeThe date and time when this message was last modified.
parentFolderIdThe ID of the messages parent folder.
receivedDateTimeThe date and time when this message was received.
replyToThe addresses the message is a reply to.
senderThe sender of the message.
sentDateTimeThe date and time when this message was sent.
subjectThe subject of the message.
toRecipientsThe recipients of the message.
webLinkA weblink for the message.

Example (Get the Subject and Sender of a Message)

office365.ListMessageSelect = "subject, sender";

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