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other_headers Property

An RFC 822 compliant string consisting of extra headers.


def get_other_headers() -> str: ...
def set_other_headers(value: str) -> None: ...

other_headers = property(get_other_headers, set_other_headers)

Default Value



This property contains a string of headers to be appended to the message headers created from other properties like send_to, subject, etc.

The headers must be of the format "header: value" as specified in RFC 822. Header lines should be separated by CRLF ("\r\n") .

Use this property with caution. If this property contains invalid headers, message delivery might not be successful.

This property is useful for extending the functionality of the class. A good example is delivery of MIME encoded messages.

SPECIAL CASE: if this property starts with an empty line (CRLF), then the value of this property is used instead of the normally computed message headers.

Example (Send an Email With Additional Header)

component.MailServer = "MyServer";
component.From = "";
component.SendTo = "";
component.Subject = "My Subject";
component.MessageText = "This is the message body.";
component.OtherHeaders = "HeaderName: HeaderValue";

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