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list_changes Method

Lists messages that have been changed within a specified folder.


def list_changes(id: str, max_page_size: int) -> None: ...


This method lists changed messages within the folder specified by id.

Starting from a Baseline State

For most use-cases, it is necessary to obtain a baseline state first in order to only list messages that have been changed after the baseline state was established.

To obtain a baseline state, ensure that both change_marker and next_change_marker are empty, and then call list_changes. Then follow the process described in the "General Usage" section (below) until change_marker is empty to list all the changed messages.

General Usage

When this method is called, it will use the change marker stored in either change_marker or next_change_marker (only one can be populated at a time) to request the next page of changes. This method causes the on_message_list event to fire once for each change, and will also populate the MessageInfo* properties.

If there are still more messages available to list when this method returns, the change_marker property will be populated. Continue to call this method until change_marker is empty to accumulate all pages of results in the MessageInfo* properties (Once there aren't any more changed messages available to list, the next_change_marker property will be populated instead).

When next_change_marker is populated, it is always populated with a value that (at the time of population) points to the most current state. (Since "the most current state" implies that there are no further changes to list, calling list_changes immediately after next_change_marker is populated will not return any further changes.)

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