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update Method

Updates a message.


def update(id: str) -> None: ...


This property updates a message that has been edited in the MessageInfo* properties. The id takes the message's ID that should be updated. The following values can be updated from the MessageInfo* properties:

Field Draft Only
Bcc False
BodyContent True
BodyContentType True
Cc False
FlagStatus False
From False
Importance False
isDeliveryReceiptRequested False
isRead False
isReadReceiptRequested False
JSON False
ReplyTo True
Subject True
To False

*Changing the JSON data will change the message as a whole.

Example (Reply Draft)

// Create the reply draft
string originalMessageId = "Message ID";
office365.CreateDraft(1, originalMessageId);

// Set the new draft MessageInfo fields with desired options
office365.MessageInfo[0].To = "";
office365.MessageInfo[0].Subject = "Subject Text";
office365.MessageInfo[0].BodyContentType = "TEXT";
office365.MessageInfo[0].BodyContent = "Body Text";

// Update the draft

// Send the draft

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