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ZCompress Errors


The following errors may be generated by the control. Note that frequently the error message will contain more specific information than what is listed here.

Note that some non-fatal errors may be trapped and explicitly ignored in the Error event. This will allow the control to continue operation even in case of error.

ZCompress Errors

20112    Can't open file for read.
20113    Can't open file for write.
20114    Can't create directory.
20115    The file is too large.
20116    Can't create empty archive.
20117    The archive must be scanned prior to attempting this operation.
20118    The array index is out of range.
20119    The maximum size of the archive has been exceeded.
20120    The archive must be specified, or streaming must be enabled.
20121    The component is busy.
20125    Must specify the compressed name.
20128    Bad CRC-32 checksum.
20129    Unable to set file date.
20134    File already exists in the archive.
20151    An I/O error has occurred (details follow).

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