FileCompressedName Property

Filename, as stored inside of the archive.


public string FileCompressedName { get; set; }
Public Property FileCompressedName As String

Default Value



FileCompressedName contains the name of the compressed file, as stored within the gzip header.

This field should generally be set with a relative path or with no path at all. The exact interpretation of the path is left to the decompression software; generally, pathnames will be interpreted as relative to a base directory, and these subdirectories will be created as needed. Absolute pathnames will not be interpreted correctly by the component, and may or may not be interpreted correctly by other decompression software.

Paths should be specified in standard (UNIX) format. They may also be specified in the format native to the host operating system, in which case they will be immediately converted.

It is not usually necessary to manually set the value of this property; it will be assigned by Compress if it is not specified, and it will always be written by a call to Scan or Extract.

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