BeginFile Event

Fired before each file is processed.


public event OnBeginFileHandler OnBeginFile;

public delegate void OnBeginFileHandler(object sender, JarBeginFileEventArgs e);

public class JarBeginFileEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public int Index { get; }
  public bool Skip { get; set; }
Public Event OnBeginFile As OnBeginFileHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnBeginFileHandler(sender As Object, e As JarBeginFileEventArgs)

Public Class JarBeginFileEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property Index As Integer
  Public Property Skip As Boolean
End Class


BeginFile is fired before each file is processed by the compressor or decompressor, as appropriate. Index contains the array index of the file about to be processed, and the CompressedName, DecompressedName, CompressedSize (decompression only), and DecompressedSize fields of the Files collection for this index contain more detailed information about the file about to be processed.

When extracting, an alternate location may be specified by trapping the event, and modifying DecompressedName and/or ExtractToPath. If the appropriate value of DecompressedName is set to an empty string, the file will not be written to disk. If WriteToProgressEvent is true, the file will still be decompressed, and the data may be extracted through the Progress event.

This event may also be trapped while compressing. CompressedName and DecompressedName may be changed.

You may set the Skip parameter to true in order to skip the file completely while compressing or extracting.

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