EndElement Event

Fired when an end-element tag is encountered.


public event OnEndElementHandler OnEndElement;

public delegate void OnEndElementHandler(object sender, OfficedocEndElementEventArgs e);

public class OfficedocEndElementEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public string Namespace { get; }
  public string Element { get; }
  public string QName { get; }
  public bool IsEmpty { get; }
Public Event OnEndElement As OnEndElementHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnEndElementHandler(sender As Object, e As OfficedocEndElementEventArgs)

Public Class OfficedocEndElementEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property Namespace As String
  Public ReadOnly Property Element As String
  Public ReadOnly Property QName As String
  Public ReadOnly Property IsEmpty As Boolean
End Class


The EndElement event is fired when an end-element tag is found in the document.

The element name is provided by the Element parameter.

The IsEmpty parameter is true when the event corresponds with an empty element declaration.

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