Overwrite Event

Fired whenever a file exists and may be overwritten.


public event OnOverwriteHandler OnOverwrite;

public delegate void OnOverwriteHandler(object sender, SevenzipOverwriteEventArgs e);

public class SevenzipOverwriteEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public string Filename { get; set; }
  public bool Overwrite { get; set; }
Public Event OnOverwrite As OnOverwriteHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnOverwriteHandler(sender As Object, e As SevenzipOverwriteEventArgs)

Public Class SevenzipOverwriteEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public Property Filename As String
  Public Property Overwrite As Boolean
End Class


Overwrite is fired when a file is about to be overwritten, and would overwrite an existing file. The event is fired during decompression.

Filename contains the full name of the file, specified with its pathname.

Overwrite specifies whether or not the file will be overwritten. For Zip, Jar, and Tar, this is equal by default to the value of the OverwriteFiles property. For Gzip, this value defaults to true.

Either of the parameters may be changed when the event is fired. Changing the value of Overwrite will override the default behavior of the component, and cause the file to be overwritten or not overwritten, depending on the value set. If Filename is changed, the value of Overwrite will be ignored, and the file will be written with the specified name. If a file of the new name also exists this file will be silently overwritten.

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