CompressionMethod Property

Used to set the method of compression.


public SevenzipCompressionMethods CompressionMethod { get; set; }

enum SevenzipCompressionMethods { cmszLzma, cmszBzip2, cmszDelta, cmszCopy, cmszDeflate, cmszLzma2 }
Public Property CompressionMethod As SevenzipCompressionMethods

Enum SevenzipCompressionMethods cmszLzma cmszBzip2 cmszDelta cmszCopy cmszDeflate cmszLzma2 End Enum

Default Value



This is used to specify different compression methods. By default the component uses the LZMA compression method (a value of 0). Supported values are:

cmszLzma (0 - default) LZMA
cmszBzip2 (1) BZip2
cmszDelta (2) Delta
cmszCopy (3) Copy (no compression)
cmszDeflate (4) Deflate
cmszLzma2 (5) LZMA2

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