Progress Event

Fired as progress is made.


public event OnProgressHandler OnProgress;

public delegate void OnProgressHandler(object sender, ZipsfxProgressEventArgs e);

public class ZipsfxProgressEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public string Filename { get; }
  public long BytesProcessed { get; }
  public int PercentProcessed { get; }
Public Event OnProgress As OnProgressHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnProgressHandler(sender As Object, e As ZipsfxProgressEventArgs)

Public Class ZipsfxProgressEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property Filename As String
  Public ReadOnly Property BytesProcessed As Long
  Public ReadOnly Property PercentProcessed As Integer
End Class


The Progress event is automatically fired as compression is performed.

Filename contains the name of the file being written.

BytesProcessed contains the total number of uncompressed bytes processed.

PercentProcessed contains the percent of uncompressed bytes processed, corresponding roughly to the running time of the operation.

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