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CompressionMethod Property

Used to set the method of compression.


 getCompressionMethod(): SevenzipCompressionMethods;

 setCompressionMethod(compressionMethod: SevenzipCompressionMethods): void;

enum SevenzipCompressionMethods { cmszLzma, cmszBzip2, cmszDelta, cmszCopy, cmszDeflate, cmszLzma2 }

Default Value



This is used to specify different compression methods. By default the class uses the LZMA compression method (a value of 0). Supported values are:

cmszLzma (0 - default) LZMA
cmszBzip2 (1) BZip2
cmszDelta (2) Delta
cmszCopy (3) Copy (no compression)
cmszDeflate (4) Deflate
cmszLzma2 (5) LZMA2

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