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RecurseSubdirectories Property

Whether or not to recurse into subdirectories.


 isRecurseSubdirectories(): boolean;

 setRecurseSubdirectories(recurseSubdirectories: boolean): void;

Default Value



This property affects the behavior of IncludeFiles and Extract and the meaning of ExcludedFiles. If this property is set to true, IncludeFiles will recurse into all subdirectories whenever it performs a search on the file system.

Be sure RecurseSubdirectories is set to the appropriate value before invoking IncludeFiles, Extract, or Compress; changing the value of this property after method calls will not retroactively alter their effects.

Example (Creating an Archive)

ZipControl.ArchiveFile = "c:\test.zip"
ZipControl.RecurseSubdirectories = true

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