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extract Method

Extracts the compressed file from the gzip archive.


def extract() -> None: ...


Invoking on_extract decompresses the archive specified by archive_file. The compressed file will be extracted, and written to disk. Also, file_compressed_name will be set to the filename found in the archive.

If file_decompressed_name is set to a nonempty string the file will be written there. Otherwise the class will automatically set file_decompressed_name to an appropriate value:

If a filename (i.e., file_compressed_name) is stored in the gzip headers, this filename will be used.

Otherwise, if archive_file ends in ".gz", this filename, less the ".gz" extension will be used. If there are multiple files in the archive, the current 0-based file index will be appended to all files after the first file to differentiate between multiple files. For instance "test.gz" would become "test" for the first file and "test.gz" would become "test.1" for the second file in the archive.

If neither of these two conditions holds, ".unzipped" will be appended to archive_file.

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